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About QCheck

QCheck is a Quality Assurance Program offered by Apt to diagnose and measure the deviations from the accepted standards in Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Cathlabs, Mammography, CT Scan and Dental X-ray machines, . QCheck program presents a package of performance diagnostics complimented with radiation survey of X-ray-based equipments.This will ensure quality of the machines as required by law and hospital governing bodies thereby enhancing patient experience.

Why QA should be done?

  1. Statutory Requirement of AERB for all X-ray based equipment.
  2. Requirements for NABH and ISO Accreditation
  3. Minimize Hazardous Effects of X-ray
  4. Longer life of the Machine

Tests Conducted under QCheck Program

The quality assurance tests measure the accuracy and consistency of the following parameters, which influence the quality of the diagnostic image and patient dose.

  • Congruence of Optical and Radiation Fields
  • Central Beam Alignment
  • Focal Point Size
  • Exposure Time
  • Peak Kilovoltage (kVp)
  • Total Filtration of X-ray Tube
  • Linearity of Timer and mA Station.
  • Co-efficient of Variation
  • Radiation Leakage

For more details download brochure

QCheck Brochure
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